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Sharon Densford

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We are praying and love you dearly.
Bob and Sharon Densford

Arlene Wood

Praying for dear Kaizlee in her times of greater neediness and her strong sense of insecurity. Praying that her heart can hold more and more of all the love you and Jayme give her through equal attention, validation, and one-on-one time. I am lifting Kaizlee up by name asking God that she keeps feeling her heart being filled with love by you two, and that it not feel “pushed aside” or “less” because of this journey. And that when she looks at her name on the bracelet - it will remind her of her specialness to God and to you two.

Alex Laughrey

I have been led to pray for Kaizlee since day one of this journey. Joncee is in my prayers as well but I have felt a special nudging to pray for your little girlie. Know that Gods got her too! Love you guys.

Sarah Botts

Boy did I need to read this. We have found ourselves feeling so alone lately with what God is leading us through. Thank you for sharing your heart in your journey, for being honest, and for the reminder that God is with us in our sufferings. You guys are truly a blessing. You all are loved and prayed for.

Fran Basso

Hi Keegz,
Prayers flowing toward you and yours, especially Joncee as he goes through treatments, Lord hear our prayers. The knitters are faithful pray-ers and they continually ask me for news of Joncee.
My cousin Lorraine has a daughter, Rachel, suffering with RSD for 11 yrs. now. Please pray for them as they go through the journey to healing. Lorraine asked me to tell you this in relation to Joncee having to be stuck each time for the IV. Lorraine's words - This breaks my heart to know that child’s entire life (all 7 years) has been that of a warrior battling such a terrible disease. My heart aches for his family. Thank you for keeping me updated. I will continue to pray for all of them.

Are you friends with this family? If so, please tell them to ask the hospital to use ultrasound to find a vein for IV. The hospital used that on Rachel for her recent treatments as she is an impossible stick for IV. They got on the first attempt all 5 days with the ultrasound.

Blessings and love from Fl.
Fran Basso

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