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Robert Hoyt

You all are loved very much.

JoAnne Gooding

Your faith inspires me. Truly tough choices ahead for you. I will remember you in my prayers. I don't know Joncee and your other family personally, but I know you, Keegan. You are a treasure and blessing. I know God will help you. How could he not? Sending love to all.

Kathy Apel

Clarence and I love all of you and pray God's perfect healing for Joncee!

Deanne Davis

This is so hard for you all, but you are reacting with grace and dignity and Joncee will get through it, too. We keep you all in our prayers daily and know God has a plan for you all for good and not for harm. Sending hugs,
John & Deanne

M Freeby

Your second-to-last sentence reminds me of a song that we sang together at many camps one summer...He Never Failed me Yet! Only God knew how true the song would be for you! Thanks for sharing. YOU are loved.

Hinojosa Family

We are praying & believing with you!

Linda Brown

Your family is loved! Joncee is so lucky to have such wonderful parents who trust our Lord. It sounds like you have a good plan and good Drs and with our wonderful Heavenly Father, you can't lose! My prayers continue, God bless all.

Phyl Utterback

Love you all!

Sandy Beaty

Keegan, I love your spirit! You and Jayme are the perfect parents for Joncee. What a blessing you are to all of us. God be with you. Sandy


A beautiful testimony to your trust in God. A beautiful expression of your pain and your hope. Praying, praying, praying for Joncee and you all.

Mark Boothby

May your family continue to walk in His peace and His strength.

Ronda Seward

Praying as the Holy Spirit brings you to mind. I haven't known what to do for Lent until this minute. Your family will be my focus for the next 47 days!

Ashley Ruiz

We don't just thank God for our beating heart... We thank God that we know God. He is ever faithful. He would delight that this child's life be set apart for His great glory. Praying for healing breath in & out of Joncee's sweet lungs.


We are keeping all of you in prayer. All of the Helping Hands volunteers are praying, too.

marylyn & monte jenkins

praying for you each day!

Jerry Kester

We are praying with you Keegan. The two of you are such fine parents, may you be filled with wisdom! Strength to you.

Megan Lewis

Thank you for sharing Keegan. We love you all so much and will be praying specifically.

Jenny Jakubiak

You guys are beautiful!!! Life, restoration, joy, hope, healing! Lots of love!

Rebecca Vega

My heart is so heavy to read this as this new chapter is a tough one. On the other hand, you give us such inspiration of what God looks like through your family. Maehalley said tonight after we ran into you that she knows you guys are going through a tough time but you both are really good parents and a great family and hoped our family loves each other as much as yours does. Your strength and faith are felt even by the kids! We will continue to pray for all of you by name!


Keegan and Jayme, when I grow up, I want to be parents just like you. God is in control!

Chandra Salisbury

Our family will continue to hold yours up in prayer.

Marcie Hays

Walt and I are praying for your entire family. Sending you our love and understanding as we all take this journey with you.

Tom and Wanda Calnon

Tom and I pray to our Father that there be no cancer cell. not even one that could split, in Joncee's blood stream! Our love and continuing prayers are lifted for you all.

Vada Johnson

Will continue o pray for God's touch.

Christi Rafer

Praying for you all.

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