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Sarah Botts

You all are loved as well. Praying from here. God knows.

Mike Poe

Definitely be keeping all of you in our prayers.

Linda Brown

Alarm set! Prayers daily! God bless you for your love of our Holy Father and the spirit and devotion of a Daddy!

Judy Berry

Keegan, my heart welled up big time as I saw Joncee being prayed over this morning.God has given to you and Jayme a parents heart of deep love and wisdom, and it is flowing over into Joncee's life. I stand with you in prayer and love for this boy. Count on my prayers to continue for this boy. Praying for you as you walk this journey.

Sue Loosli

Praying for Joncee and your family. I know the struggle as a parent to playing the what if game. It's human to have these thoughts, but our God is greater than our human frailty. Your faith is inspiring and God does know exactly where your heart is. I wish that you and no other parent had to go thru this. As you know, we would never choose this for our children, but it is when we are in the valley that God holds us up and strengthens our spirit. Love to you and your family and prayers of healing lifted up for Joncee.

Gretchen Moss

I'm praying. Jesus is holding his hand. We are all holding his hand. Chemo saved my life after surgery, very much the same situation, a trace of cancer, so I started a second round of chemo and lost my hair all over again including my eyebrows and lashes. When I hear of a patient starting chemo - young or old, I thank God for giving us this medicine. And I will do it all over again if I ever have to. It's discomfort is small compared to our beautiful life that is so big. Stay strong Joncee!

Debra Young

Much love to all of you! My alarm is set and I count it such a privilege to pray for Joncee.


My alarm is set! #prayforjoncee

Helen Bone

I will remember to pray. 9 am tomorrow...Of course, I have already been praying God bless you Joncee...

Dale Welcome

praying hard, praying through and praying long, for Joncee and my children as well. love you guys.

Cindy Halber

Alarm is set! Team Joncee will be out in force praying for him! You are all loved!

Sandy Beaty

We will have all of you in our prayers. We know exactly what chemo is like first hand. God be with you all. Lee and Sandy

Hinojosa Family

Praying and sending ❤️ to each of you!

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